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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bobble Bots

Earlier this week, I hosted a Bobble Bots Moshi Monsters Bash. I’ve hosted a couple of MommyParty gatherings before, and I knew the kids would be excited to play with the Moshi Monsters. Bobble Bots are made by the same company as Hexbugs. You might remember that I hosted a Hexbug MommyParty last year.

Anyway, here’s what Bobble Bots has to say about this exciting new toy:

“This new brand of innovative robotic pets and playsets fuses some of what fans love most about HEXBUG - high-tech vibration technology, collectable pieces, and open-ended creative building play - with the hugely popular virtual Moshling characters and buildings, in a way that brings Monstro City to life This new brand of innovative robotic pets and playsets fuses some of what fans love most about HEXBUG - high-tech vibration technology, collectable pieces, and open-ended creative building play - with the hugely popular virtual Moshling characters and buildings, in a way that brings Monstro City to life.”

The girls were enthusiastic about playing with the MoshiMonsters. They had a lot of fun with them and spent most of the time letting them roam free on the floor while chasing after them. It reminded me of bumper cars on a much smaller scale! I couldn’t help but chuckle watching them play.

The Moshling playsets include buildings and street pieces that help contain them. They scurry around like little citizens in a robotic city. If the little Moshlings behave in the Gross-ery Store, they can stop by the Ice Scream Store on the way Home. LOL!!

After your child is done playing with the Moshlings for the day, perhaps a little online play would be exciting, too. MoshiMonsters has a website where your kids can play in a virtual world. Membership is FREE, and does not require the purchase of a Moshling. However, each Moshling comes with a code to be entered for access to additional features.  I've linked to the parent information part of the website, for your convenience.

I haven’t seen them in any local stores yet, but they are available online here. I encourage you to check them out. I bet your kids will love playing with them!

I wasn't able to capture any video at the party, so I'm posting a link to the company video for you. You've got to see these things in action. Really cute!

Have you seen MoshiMonsters locally?  Do your kids have any?  Tell me about your experience in the comments. 

Disclaimer – MommyParties provided me this opportunity to host this Moshi Monsters party. They provided me with product and materials to host the party, in exchange for my honest review and agreement to post about the party. The opinions expressed her are my own.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Please keep my husband and his family in your prayers today. His mother will be laid to rest this afternoon.

Friday, November 25, 2011

And the winner is....

...soon to be announced!

First, let me tell you that I used to select the winner.  There were a total of 11 comments on my blog and I didn't count comment #7, since it was a clarification of comment #6.  Had comment #7 been generated, I would have run the number generator again. 

The number generator identified comment #4, which was from Crickett Brown.  Congratulations Crickett!  I'm sending you a note right now.  Kroger does have an excellent selection of gluten free items and I hope you are able to stock up on a few of your favorites!

Thank you, everyone, for entering! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Passing Along a Winner of a Deal - Kroger

Right now, there is a promotion going on at Kroger grocery stores.  If you purchase any four participating General Mills products, you will either receive free milk (up to $3; limit of 2) or to receive $3 off your shopping order! 

I shop at Kroger here by home.  They have great sales and I often am able to stock up on pantry items.  It helps that they double coupons up to fifty cents, too.  If you’ve read here long, you know I like Cheerios.  We eat a lot of them in this family.  Anyway, they are part of the promotion!  Woohoo!  I think that’s one of my favorite parts!  So, with the current sale, I get to stock up on Cheerios and get my milk for (almost) free.  Around here, milk is a little more than $3 per gallon.  Still, that’s a huge savings.  But, here’s the deal….this promotion ENDS NOVEMBER 26, 2011.  You’ve got to hurry if you want to get in on the promotion.  Like, go this weekend.  Seriously.

Check out the Kroger Facebook Page for more information and learn about other ways to save on your grocery bills. 

Know what makes this promotion even sweeter?  Kroger, General Mills and My Blog Spark have offered me the opportunity to host a giveaway related to this promotion.  One of my lovely readers is going to win a $25 gift card to Kroger!  Is that awesome, or what?  I know they don’t have a Kroger in every area, but this gift card is good at any of the Kroger family of stores.  So, you folks who shop at Ralphs, King Scoopers, City Market, Dillons, Smith´s, Fry´s, QFC, Baker´s, Owen´s, Jay C Food Stores, Hilander, Gerbes, Food4Less, Fred Meyer, Pay Less Supermarkets and Scott´s Food & Pharmacy can use the gift card at your local store, too, if you are the winner. 

So, how do you enter the giveaway?  Easy-peasy.  Leave a comment on my blog.  Tell me how you would use the $25 gift card.  Will you use it to stock up on General Mills cereals for breakfast?  Will you use it to make massive quantities of Chex-Mix for your holiday parties?  Just share with me how you will use the Kroger gift card.  Make sure your comment links back to you, otherwise I won’t be able to reach you if you are the winner. 

I will select the winner Friday, November 25, 2011, using a random number generator.  I will contact the winner and give 24 hours for a response.  The winner will need to provide mailing information to an address within the U.S., which I will submit to My Blog Spark for fulfillment.  If I do not hear from the winner within 24 hours, I will select an alternate winner.

Disclosure: The Kroger gift card, information, and giveaway have been provided by Kroger and General Mills through MyBlogSpark.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It Was a Simply Homemade Party!

MommyParties and Fleischmann's Simply Homemade provided me the opportunity to host a Mommy Party for their new line of bread mixes.  Now, anyone who knows me, knows I love to eat good bread.  I usually make my own, as I've mentioned in my posts.  But, sometimes, I really want covenience without sacrificing flavor and goodness.

I had to test out the product ahead of time, so we made a loaf before the party.  Princess E couldn't wait to try the bread, so I let her help me make it. 

I should clarify that.  By "help", I mean I let her make it while I took pictures.

Here is our finished sample loaf.  It had a thick crust and the loaf was super heavy. 

Then, it was time to get cleaned up and ready for our party.  After I learned how easy it was for Princess E to make the bread, I changed the party plan.  Instead of all us moms making the bread, we let the kid's have fun.  Sure, we were there to supervise, but we let them have the fun. 

We try to blend homeschooling into everyday activities.  So, we turned our little party into a cooking lesson, hygiene lesson, and a chemistry lesson. 

They took turns adding the ingredients for their creations.  They got a kick out of watching the yeast begin to work.  The recipes are very simple and are great for an after work dinner.  Everything is premeasured and packaged for ease, except for water.  All you need to make these loaves is a cup of water.  What could be easier?

We let the children plan their own loaves and shapes.  Just look at all these awesome loaves! 

Did I tell you it takes less than an hour, start to finish to have a fresh loaf of bread?  Of that, less than 10 minutes is active time.  Just 10 minutes. 

This was our smallest "loaf".  She decided to save this morsel of yumminess to share with the pooches. 

Here's another of the loaves. 

Now, let me tell you a little abou the Fleischmann's Simply Homemade bread mixes.  They come in four varieties:

          Country White
          Stoneground Wheat
          Italian Herb

At our party, I asked which was everyone's favorite.  It was pretty well divided between Country White, Stoneground Wheat and Italian Herb.  Personally, my favorite was the Italian Herb.

We talked about different ideas for making different bread creations.  One suggested stuffing the Italian Herb bread with pepperoni, mozarella cheese and spaghetti sauce.  That would be delicious.  A similar recipe is posted on the Simply Homemade recipe page.  Other suggestions were to make cheese rolls, by mixing in cheese sticks, cooking hot dogs inside shaped dough, and cutting up the leftover bread and making croutons.  All of those sounded like kid-friendly ideas except the last one wouldn't work.  What leftover bread?  Ha!

I think my favorite thing about this line of bread is that I can allow Princess E to make it, pretty much by herself.  It's a great way to practice her baking skills.  You don't even have to knead the dough.  You just stir it all together.  She can do everything except take the bread out of the oven.  Okay, she probably could do that too, but we're not ready to let her pull hot pans out of a 400 degree oven. 

You can pick-up Fleischmann's Simply Homemade Bread Mixes at your favorite grocery store.  A list of chains is provided on their website.  I encourage you to visit the website and take a look. 

Many thanks to MommyParties and Fleischmann's Simply Homemade for providing me the products to host this gathering.  We had a lot of fun!  We moms (and dads!) enjoyed watching the children enthusiastically craft their loaves, and we enjoyed sampling the end results.  The children enjoyed being "in charge" of the kitchen, wearing their own oven mits, and proudly showing off their designs.  It made for a great party!

Disclaimer:  The bread mixes, coupons, apron and oven mitts were provided to me to be able to host this party.  The opinions expressed in the post are mine or those of my guests.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This past weekend, we had a party at our house.  There were bugs everywhere ….HEXBUGS, that is.

We were first introduced to HEXBUGS at our local homeschool convention.  E thought they were cool.  J would have spent the entire time at the display.  I knew he’d enjoy helping host this party, and I was right.  Once everyone arrived, we started with a little lesson on micro-robotics.  All of the other children who were able to attend are homeschoolers, too, so we weren’t about to pass up an opportunity to incorporate a little science lesson in there.  I was really impressed at the knowledge a couple of the girls had of robotics and micro-robotics.  Did you know that in South Africa they call stoplights “robots”?  Me neither.  We learned from our guests, too. 

After the short lesson, it was time to play.  And play.  And play some more.  We were provided generous quantities of everything we needed to make the party lots of fun.  Each child received a glow-in-the-dark HEXBUG Nano Galileo Collection bug and a Limited Edition HEXBUG Nano Halloween Zombie Bug to keep, plus extra batteries.  HEXBUG and MommyParties also provided me with Glow-In-The-Dark Habitat sets for playing.  The habitat sets reminded me of a cross between a racetrack and a skating rink.  We held a raffle and each family was able to receive some additional HEXBUG product.

“These are amazing!” shouted one of the children.  The kids had a blast playing with them.  Frankly, they looked like oversized roaches scurrying along the track.  The kids thought it was hilarious to see the adults’ reactions to sending them flying all over the place.  We even had to move the couch to rescue one HEXBUG.  He learned not to go back there again, because it is a dark and scary place where dust-bunny monsters live.  Ha!  We had HEXBUGS everywhere!  They were in my mixing cups, the slowcooker, a salad bowl, the table, and all over the floor.  At one point, we had HEXBUGS crawling in hair and on clothing. 

After the party was over, several of the children stayed after to play more.  They played with the HEXBUGS for NINE HOURS, stopping only to eat.  I figured the novelty would wear off at some point.  Well, it’s four days later and the novelty has not worn off yet.  We have had to replace the batteries, as they seem to last about 12 hours.  E has played with them at every opportunity since the party.  One of the neat things about the habitats is they are customizable.  I cannot tell you how many times the habitats were taken apart and reassembled into new designs.  Some worked, others didn’t.  (Physics lessons in the making??)  Check out this short video of the children playing with their HEXBUGS.

If you’ve never experienced HEXBUGS before, I encourage you to check them out.  They are intended for age 3 and up

The HEXBUGS in-home party was sponsored by Innovation First labs, Inc and MommyParties.  I received a HEXBUG Nano Halloween Zombie Party Kit to be able to host the party.  The opinions expressed in this post are mine, or are comments from party attendees.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Freecycle Generosity

I don't know how many are familiar with Freecycle, but I've been a participant in our local Freecycle community for nearly four years.  During that time, we've given away a whole lot of stuff, and we've received a few items, too. 

Today, we were given an item that has been on our personal wish-list for several years.  A local Freecycler had a chipper/shredder he was ready to pass along and we were the family he chose to pass it along to.  We are so grateful to have it!  We've been renting them periodically for several years. 

If you've never tried Freecycle, I encourage you to try it out.